Our Story

Laviere came into being as a tribute to our Dad, who – along with Mom, raised his daughters to face any storm in their lives head-on and have the spirit to sail through strong winds. To live life on their own terms even though he came from very conventional roots. The German nautical term – Laviere – which means maneuvering a ship through strong winds – also relates to Dad’s initial years in Germany, mirroring his resilience and determination in navigating life’s challenges. Likewise a Laviere Woman represents one who strides forward with purpose and determination, charting her course through life guided by confidence and resilience.

Meet The Person Behind Laviere

In a career spanning 23 Years, across media, pharma and healthcare sectors, I have worked with brands like Airtel Digital, Times of India, Economic Times, Indian Express, Financial Express, Morepen Labs and Johnson & Johnson.

Quitting a well-paying corporate career was a conscious decision in order to pursue my dream of building something worthwhile to help Gen Z & Millennials deal with their daily skincare issues in a healthy and sustainable manner. Laviere was launched with a vision to make clean and minimalistic skincare, focusing on healthy skin. Our USP lies in combining the best of Indian & Korean natural ingredients along with the goodness of marine ingredients like Algae, Kelp and sea-minerals , backed by science based formulations.

Madhu Tiwari, Founder
A Visionary

Someone who dreams big and believes anything is possible. Always ready to conquer any challenge.

A Trail Blazer

Someone who forges their own path, unafraid to challenge the norm and set their own trends.

A Game-changer

Someone who disrupts the status quo and pushes boundaries. Who embraces innovation and rewrites the rules.


Someone who is driven by passion and perseverance, never giving up on their dreams.